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Poland, Krakow


Residential Property



To design and installation of a small yet luxurious garden that serves as a modern family hub

The project aimed to integrate key elements such as a modern fireplace surrounded by greenery, a comfortable lounger, a built-in bench with cushions & log storage, and a dining area. 

Understanding the limitations and potential of the site was crucial in creating an effective garden design that maximised functionality and met the family's needs.

The focus was on creating a space where family members could gather, relax, and enjoy outdoor living. The key elements were carefully integrated to maximise this garden space's functionality and aesthetic appeal. 

The modern fireplace was chosen as a focal point, providing warmth, visual appeal, and a gathering place for family members. It was strategically positioned to create a cosy atmosphere surrounded by greenery to enhance its aesthetic impact. The fireplace design incorporated sleek and contemporary materials to match the modern theme of the garden.

A comfortable lounger was included to provide a relaxing spot for individuals to unwind and enjoy the garden. Placed strategically near the fireplace, it offered a cosy seating option with a view of the surrounding greenery. 

To optimise space, a built-in bench was incorporated into the garden design. It provided additional seating and storage space for logs underneath. Comfortable cushions were added to enhance comfort and style. The bench was carefully positioned to make the most of the available space while maintaining seamless aesthetic integration with the surrounding elements.

As always, our experienced team of landscapers was engaged to execute this garden design plan with precision. Attention to detail was given to ensure seamless integration and high-quality craftsmanship.

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