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Unveiling Serenity in a Small Space




Bordon, Hampshire, UK


Small Garden Design



To transform a limited garden into a serene and multifunctional oasis

Our clients sought to transform their compact garden into an exquisite oasis that reflected their taste for luxury and provided versatile spaces for relaxation, dining, swimming, and play. 

Despite limited space, our design team employed modern design strategies to maximise functionality, elegance, and seamless integration of each element. By carefully analysing the site's dimensions, we aimed to strike a balance between the desired features while ensuring an uncluttered and harmonious overall layout.

We divided the available garden space into distinct zones to accommodate the various elements of the family hub. Each zone was planned to create a seamless flow between different activities while maximising the use of available space.

The dining area was designed as a charming and inviting space for outdoor meals.

The swimming pool was envisioned as a captivating focal point within the limited space. A shallow lounging section was incorporated, allowing for relaxation and sunbathing. 

The children's play area was designed to provide a safe and engaging space for outdoor play. Due to space constraints, a compact play structure with multiple activities was chosen to accommodate various playing needs. 

A custom-built sauna was situated near the seating area to optimise space, ensuring privacy and convenience. The design included a comfortable seating area within the sauna, ambient lighting, and appropriate ventilation for a luxurious and rejuvenating sauna experience.

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